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Can you coordinate care with a friend or relative? Print E-mail

For safety reasons, we can not accept jobs that will be shared with a friend or relative. Using our services, you can be assured that your pet will have our FULL attention.

What does the sitter need to know? Print E-mail

We want your pet to have the best experience possible in your absence; give us as much information as possible to help us understand the kind of home you provide for your friend.

What are the requirements for my pets? Print E-mail

  • Your animals must be NON-AGGRESSIVE towards people. This is ESPECIALLY important when we are entering your home in your absence.
  • Pets must be leash trained for walking
  • Cats will be kept indoors for added security - please have a litter box ready.

What happens in an emergency? Print E-mail
In the event of an emergency, we will make every effort to care for your animal and home. We ask that you assist us by providing adequate quantities of food and supplies for your pet and have the necessary equipment available, should we need to transport your pet. Always provide us with your current contact information and make sure your emergency contact's names and info are up to date.

What type of payment is accepted? Print E-mail

Your personal check or cash is always welcome. First time clients who prefer to pay by check are requested to provide the total fee to the service provider during the registration interview. Subsequent visits can be paid by leaving a check on the counter for the service provider.

Please check our Rates Page to get detailed information on how our services are charged and the policies that apply.


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