About Us

 Kenna Burima is the proud daughter of sit, stay. owner Colleen Scissons. Being raised on a ranch means that Kenna has a deft hand dealing with animals of all shapes and sizes. She is a musician full time, playing in a number of bands in and around Calgary.

Kenna also teaches piano out of her home in NE Calgary where she lives with her musician partner Steve, their two cats Fred and Teddy and two dogs, Kashii and Bruno.

Kenna has been accredited in Pet First Aid through the Walks 'n Wags Pet First Aid Certification.

 Colleen Scissons has been home sitting and pet sitting since 1980. A recent addition to Calgary, she is pleased to bring her services to southern Alberta.

Through sit, stay., Colleen Scissons has successfully combined her love of animals and people. Throughout her 25 years of homestead ranching, Colleen managed a variety of pets and problems, both large and small. Whether it be caring for exotic poultry, cattle, horses or dogs, Colleen is an individual that overflows with both the joy and experience that comes from doing what you love. In addition to her time as a rancher, Colleen has over twenty years of experience in managing group homes for special needs individuals. That career required a high level of care and responsibility for her clientele, special needs individuals in a large care facility.

Colleen has proven herself to be invaluable in her chosen profession. She is dedicated, generous and loving. As the proprietor of sit, stay., she will make an excellent addition to the community.

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